एक तरफ़
पूर्णमासी का चाँद
तुम चांदनी


मीत said…
Bandmru said…
kya baat hai. likhti rahen ek din chand ki tarah raushan hoga aapka bhi naam. beautiful imotion. keep it up
मीत said…
apki nayi rachnao ka intzar hai...
kripya jaldi likhein..
makrand said…
i am agree with u
my sense was not aids patient it just typed out for flow
sorry for this error
my motive was we sell glamour and sensation not the root cause of our society which i feel also important
and reading u r blog i really impressed that u r having noble concern for aids patient
i am also doing volutry help for mentlly ill woman patient which is being thrown out by thier relatives

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